2009. május 29., péntek


With the exams before me, I'm very nervous. My first verbal exam will be on Thursday, one day before my birthday.. :) So, till then, no tv, no writing and no pictures... But my muse has already left me. And my English is also bad now...

Something cute in life..

2009. május 23., szombat

Stormy weather

I can't write too much, don't want to. It's May, awful stormy weather, too much to learn..
Stormy feelings.

2009. május 18., hétfő

Birth in the family

OK, I know, I had to write a bit earlier, and I wanted to, but... My cat was pregnant, and on the 15th, she gave birth to three little, world's cutest kittens! :) The fourth was born dead...

One of the three cuties is black, one is black and white, and one is tiger-like.. :) They haven't got names yet, but I think, they will be Tiger, Panther and Weasel. :)

In the picture is Tiger, the strongest and cutest baby cat.

2009. május 11., hétfő

Looks like Summer

I've already finished my exams, the next ones are going to be after a few weeks. I'm a bit happier now, I think I was succeed in the exams. =) After the last, I went to the fields, and took some photos. I felt it is already summertime, with a lot of freedom.
Yesterday, it was 36 Celsius, the sky was sooo blue, and everything was full of the scent of acacia. It was so soothing..
I love summer.. Yeah. Really.