2009. március 30., hétfő

My Cat

I love my cat. She's at least my twentieth cat. Mum has brought her home from the streets. She's a bit crazy and wild, a real wild cat, she doesn't like stroking or sitting in somebody's lap.. No. But I love her, especially, when she's going into my room in the mornings, and just sit on my bed when I'm still sleeping... :)

2009. március 27., péntek


This week was dark.. In every meaning. Although it's March, as I have written in many posts, it's cold and rainy, windy, etc. And this have caused many dark thoughts. And I'm sooo tired, and nothing can happen so, as I imagine it.. Now, I have enough...

2009. március 25., szerda


It's the 25th of March. Today, the wind was blowing all day, and the sky was grey. I don't know, is it a real spring..? I think not. And our mood was also deep under the ground...

2009. március 22., vasárnap


Firstly: I don't know, whatabout I want to write... It's Sunday, End of March, almost April.. It was an interesting, but in many of its part sad month. (Is it a right sentence..?) In the school we've seen a very sad video about animals. It was a project of two of my classmates. We've almost cried. This video was about, how Americans treat animals. It was disgusting and maddening. I know that not only Americans do this, but....

Because of this, I'va made a lot of pictures of my two cuties, Tücsök (in English: cricket), and Cinci. Tücsök is my dog, and Cinci is my cat. :)

Isn't they cute? Could you hurt them?

2009. március 15., vasárnap

15th March

This day is our National Day. It's the day of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. You can read of this HERE in English. Sándor Petőfi was a key figure in the Revolution, and also the author of the Nemzeti Dal, our third Hymn, so to speak. Today, most of the people wear cockade and go to different programmes.

2009. március 12., csütörtök


Yesterday, Mother had birthday. The 50th. It's a big number, we didn't make any party, though. Mum doesn't like them very much. But she got many presents from us. Books, cakes and a lot of flowers. Tulips for example, and roses. It was a really nice day for the whole family.

2009. március 8., vasárnap

A day for the women

So, today is the 8th of March. It's the day of the women. (Anyway, by us in Hungary it is.) So ladies, girls and women, it's a day for us, let's have a cocktail, ignore the housework, and let the boys give us some beautiful flowers! And just relax! =)
(My cat is doing the same. :) )

2009. március 4., szerda

Elfoglaltan... / Too busy

Rengeteg tennivalóm van. Itt van egy fotópályázat, egy írásos pályázat, egy angol tanfolyam, és nem utolsósorban a suli. De az ihlet sehol. Ami azért is gond, mert már régóta nem csináltam egyetlen képet sem...

I have a lot to do. Here is a photography competition, a writing competition, an english course and the school of course. But the inspiration is nowhere. And this is the problem, because I haven't taken any photo for a long long time...
(It's also an "old" picture from one or two months. I've already said I love the clouds! :))