2011. december 30., péntek


2011 is almost over. Was not the best year of my life... lots of tears and fears, but full of parties, drinks and drunken nights.. And very successful finals. Hope, in the new year some love will finally come, I really need it now...
Happy New Year for Everyone!

2011. november 19., szombat

2011. november 17., csütörtök

I wish...

I wish I could go back to Moscow! I was 2 weeks there, and it was AWESOME! I always re-watch all the pictures I took there, cause I miss the city so much! It's like homesickness..

2011. november 15., kedd

Almost winter

I've already needed to put my warm, furry coat on. I love it, but I hate the cold. Yeah, I can say the watchword of the Starks: Winter is coming.

2011. november 2., szerda


Oh, hello, I'm still living. I'm just busy (and lazy) as always..
I want summer, blue sky, sun... Here's a little piece of all these things..

2011. április 1., péntek

April 1

Yeah, it's Fool's Day today. But the weather is awful. I wish I could sit on Széchenyi Square in the sunshine again.

2011. március 5., szombat

2011. január 26., szerda


I think it's time for a new post.
2010 ended sadly, my muse left me, i couldn't write and take pictures for a long time.
This is a photo from November. I tried to make portraits.