2009. március 22., vasárnap


Firstly: I don't know, whatabout I want to write... It's Sunday, End of March, almost April.. It was an interesting, but in many of its part sad month. (Is it a right sentence..?) In the school we've seen a very sad video about animals. It was a project of two of my classmates. We've almost cried. This video was about, how Americans treat animals. It was disgusting and maddening. I know that not only Americans do this, but....

Because of this, I'va made a lot of pictures of my two cuties, Tücsök (in English: cricket), and Cinci. Tücsök is my dog, and Cinci is my cat. :)

Isn't they cute? Could you hurt them?

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  1. Yeah they're kinda cute. I know about those kind of videos showing how badly people treat animals. In Italy i'm a member of an animalist association and yeah those videos are not only disgusting about how much evil men can do but they do always tear up my heart after viewing.