2009. június 22., hétfő


This will be a short post, it's almost midnight, and I have too much to write... But just shortly: I made all my exams, so now the real summer can come. I also passed my language exam in english. Yesterday we had the banquet with a lot of fun and laugh, and champagne and red wine. After midnight we went home on foot with my classmates. x) Imagine 10-12 drunks going downhill at night. It was absolutely great. This was the last time we were together, so I'm a bit sad, but... The show must go on... And the good news; after spending whole days with learning german, I finally can take photos. :) ...and read, write my novel, stay up as long as I want, and yeah, do anything I want... I LOVE it. :)

(Freiheit mit Miezekatze. x) )

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